Mrs. Rashmi K Rao

Mrs. Rashmi

Mrs. Rashmi K Rao

B.Sc., M.Sc., BASLP

Responsibility: Speech therapist, Maaya Centre for Skull and Facial Deformities, Bangalore

Schooled in Mumbai and completed her Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Mumbai.

She worked at The Royal London Hospital,London as a Medical Laboratory Scientific officer for two years. She then took up the post of a lecturer in Biochemistry at the A B Shetty Insitute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, India.

Though a qualified Biochemist her interest in working with children drove her to become a Speech Therapist specifically to work with individuals affected by Cleft lip & Palate anomalies.

She qualified as a Speech Pathologist in 2004 by completing her BASLP at the College of Speech & Hearing, Mangalore.

She has attended the SRUSTI training programme which is a Smile train Initiative for Speech Pathologists at the Department of Speech Language Pathology & Audiology, SRMC, Chennai specifically to help children and individuals affected by Cleft lip & Palate.

She further trained in Myofunctional therapy – A 12 week training program in Kinderspital, Basel, Switzerland in 2012. (This involves exercises to promote the use of body and facial muscles, along with regular Speech Therapy techniques to improve Speech in patients).

She has attended Indian Speech & Hearing conferences and also presented a talk on ‘Challenges in delivering speech services in Institutional model of Speech delivery’ at the Indocleftcon 2011 at Chennai.

She has been working as a Speech Therapist at the Maaya Centre for Skull & Facial deformities, Bangalore since 2008 and is also taking care of the Administrative activities of the Centre at Bangalore. Her work is now based at the BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore as part of the Bangalore Centre of Inga Health Foundation.

Apart from her work as a Speech Therapist she has been taking Chinmaya Balavihar classes for children since 2000 which deals with inculcating Hindu spiritual and cultural values.