For a complex deformity, what you need is time-tested competence.

INGA Health Foundation’s ability to focus on treating the most complex cranial and facial deformities has been drawn from its Medical Advisory Board.

Its Board members possess almost 60 years of aggregate complex surgical experience in this niche.

With a track record of having successfully addressed more than 11,000 major and minor craniofacial procedures, the largest in India.

The technical nucleus at INGA Health Foundation is Prof Dr Krishna Shama Rao, who has been specialising in the craniofacial surgical niche since 1991. He is credited with establishing the first dedicated Smile Train Cleft Centre in Mangalore.

Through INGA Health Foundation, starting 2007, he helped establish 11 centres across India in collaboration with the German Cleft Children’s Aid Society.

Dr. Rao has been credited having with having individually performed more than 20,000 such surgeries in India and abroad.

Besides, he has helped train more than 100 professionals in this area, virtually transforming an individual skill into a national

From left to right, Dr. Krishna Shama Rao (third) is seen operating.

From left to right, Dr. Krishna Shama Rao (third) is seen operating.


INGA Health’s dedicated team comprises 12 trained specialised doctors who assist and conduct surgeries and make routine follow-ups. The organisation has assisted 12000 cases over 15 years across India.


INGA Health developed a team of 12 doctors and operated on about 2300 complicated surgeries from across India.


INGA Health’s structured protocol-driven team has delivered excellent results for affected babies.

The team is not only capable of performing surgery on delicate skull bones and face, but also in alleviating associated facial defects (lips, noses palates, eyes and ears, among others).

The organisation has operated on 600craniofacial procedures.